Minoan Group has received “verbal confirmation” of Crete project

Alliance News — Minoan Group PLC on Wednesday said it has received “verbal confirmation” that it has received the necessary signatures for Greek government approval of its resort project on the island of Crete, though it hasn’t received formal confirmation yet.

The company said there have been reports in Greek travel media that the remaining signatures for approval have been delivered.

“The importance of the Presidential Decree cannot be overstated. If the rumours and the verbal confirmation are indeed correct, then I am delighted that after such an extended time we now have the signatures of every required member of the government. We are grateful for the hard work of various government ministers and our advisers, particularly at this time when Greece is grappling with many major issues,” Christopher Egleton said.

Shares in Minoan were up 447% at 9.16 pence on Wednesday following the announcement.

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