Local authorities asked to provide facilities and spaces for refugees all over Greece

The Greek government is looking for places to host the thousands of refugees and immigrants who are already in Greece, as well as the high number of people expected to arrive from Turkey in the next days, since the neighboring country does nothing to stem the refugee flow.

It is estimated that more than 25,000 refugees and immigrants are currently trapped in Greece who are desperately seeking a way to leave.

The situation in Idomeni is suffocating, with more than 7,000 people waiting to pass the border, while the capacity of the refugee camp can barely serve 2,000 people. The refugees are lining up in long queues to get some food, the doctors are not enough, while the unhygienic conditions worsen the situation.

Similar conditions prevail also in other parts of Greece, especially in Athens, where thousands of people are gathered in parks and squares.

About 2,500 people had to spend their night at the terminals of Piraeus port. The terminals are fully packed, while ferries are keep coming carrying more refugees and immigrants from the Greek islands.

Blue Star 1 and Diagoras ferries are expected to arrive on Thursday carrying 623 people and 423 people respectively.

Moreover,  the local authorities were asked to inform central services within the next few days which facilities and spaces they will make available for use for the hospitality of migrants and refugees passing through Greek territory, such as camping sites, sports facilities, summer camps, abandoned army bases and others, preferably near the national highways on the route between Athens and Idomeni near the FYROM border.

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