Two young Cretans decided not to take presents on their birthday parties, but give food to “Give” Charity Org.

As announced on the FB page of “Give” Charity Org., two children from Crete asked their parents, not to take presents for their birthday parties, but… show their solidarity by asking their guests to bring food and other products, in order to be delivered to “Give”.

“There are some things which give a reason to our lives and also are examples of a lifetime. From our FB page, we would like to thank two families. Parents discussed with their children if they would like their birthday parties guests, not to bring presents, but food and other useful products for all people in need. AND THE CHILDREN AGREED! Now, their birthday is something more than a simple date… it is a big hug for those in need. As for their parents… it is great to see people like them to send those kinf of “messages” and “examples” to their children… to understand, to care and share! Let the small diamond of their souls be always shiny”.

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