SDC: Swingers vacations in Crete for 2016. Erotic cruise in Aegean for 2017

Erotic vacations for swingers in Crete are organized for the second consecutive year by the Dutch SDC travel agency, one of the largest in the world specializing this type of holiday.

It’s worth it to make time for the best chill cruise of 2017, to fall in love with the Greek Islands and all the hottest of hotties there with you! Visit the most pristine and sun-stunned islands imaginable on a cruise so potent and sensual it will make your head spin! For us, the luxury Azamara Quest will turn into a total beacon of sexiness where romance, passion and guilty pleasures are all part of a licentious adventure to get you back to sexy! 

Enticing islands and seducing scents in the Aegean Sea will be the backdrop to build to a crescendo of red-hot sensual energy. Come to this side of the world with us where sunny days make way for balmy, sexy nights. The Aegean region is known for wondrous sunsets that set the sky on fire and with that all our SDC couples as well. Only with SDC will you enjoy that 100% undiluted full on lifestyle experience! This is the right ship with the right crowd, no doubt about it! 

So, if you like total luxury and service, sexy theme nights, erotic workshops, 5 star restaurants to wine an dine, while celebrating the lifestyle without any inhibitions whatsoever, then this is the holiday for you!”

SDC presents the vacations in its website as follows:

October 17 – 23, 2016 (6 nights) 
SDC’s Erotic Escapades Take Over – All Inclusive
Island of Crete, Greece
Our sexy Grecian playground, where one of the most prominent male Olympian gods, Zeus made passionate love to at least nine different goddesses in ancient times! This event provides you with absolutely the perfect lifestyle vacation at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe! The all-inclusive concept at this sexy 5 star resort, where Greek hospitality is key is the place to be for 6 breathtaking nights at this after Summer delight!
From € 1299 per room/per person

June 28 – July 5, 2017 (8 days/7 nights)
SDC Lifestyle Cruise – Greek Isles Passion
Athens – Mykonos – Paros – Kos – Rhodes (Lindos) – Marmaris (Turkey) – Santorini – Athens
Our 5th take over cruise is your chance to slip out of the constraints of real life and take your desires away from the daily grind. This cruise will give you that total escape, this is where inhibitions are less and where less is actually more. Simply a must for the been there, done-that crowd, looking for an off-the-grid utopia. Get sexy, come with us!
From $2,349.00 per person

One Stop Shopping with SDC Swingers Travel

SDC offers you a simple one stop shopping opportunity for all your swingers travel needs. With a decade of experience in lifestyle travel and even longer in swingers event planning, our goal is to provide you with the best of experiences and one-on-one customer service. With a few easy clicks it is possible to book your swinger vacation package complete with hotel, transfers and even your travel insurance. Booking through SDC is made super easy, convenient, safe and guarantees the best rates available.

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