Telegraph: Crete among the 10 best destinations for Easter sun

Crete in Greece is among the 10 best destinations for Easter sun, Telegraph reports.

According to the British newspaper’s travel writer Nick Trend, “an early Easter break is always tricky for sun-seekers. Unless you are prepared to endure a long-haul flight, there are few destinations where you can expect to find reliable sunshine.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for some milder air, gentle sunshine and a first taste of spring, some parts of southern Europe can be stunning at this time of year. The landscape is still green from the winter rain, the blossom is out and first flowers are opening – and when the sun does shine it can warm up nicely.

So, if you haven’t already booked, here are my top 10 choices for a holiday in late March or early April, whether you are looking for serious heat or just for better weather than at home.

Flexibility about departure day

Most tour operators and airlines still have some holidays and seats. But you may have to be flexible about your departure day; flights for the Saturday before Easter weekend are heavily booked. I have recommended a couple of tour operators with a strong programme to the destination concerned.

Flight times to all these places are less than four hours, except the Canaries (about 4½ hours).

Temperatures given are average daily maximums for late March; during a warm spell they can be significantly higher (or the opposite can be true, of course). Sunshine hours are the average daily figures for March.”

One of the earliest springs in the Mediterranean

Specifically about Crete, the article mentions:

Crete has one of the earliest springs in the Mediterranean. The south coast has something of a microclimate and is warmer than the north, so head here for the best of the sunshine.

Sun factor: Expect six hours of sunshine a day, temperatures peaking at 18C or 19C, and little rain. Those figures are for Heraklion on the north coast.

Getting there: GIC The Villa Collection (020 8232 9780;, Pure Crete (01444 880 404;”

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