They are from Norway, but they love Greece as their second home country

A couple from Norway lives in Kalyves for 6 years. As they write in their web page in Facebook, they love Greece just like their home country.

Dear all my Greek followers, I’m so glad that you want to be on my page. I would like to give a presentation of us and why this page was created.

Our first encounter with Kalives was in 2008 on our honeymoon, we fell in love and only thing we were sure of was that we were going back. Our dream to be able to live here started when we were here for 4 weeks then.

We quickly came back for long vacations and in 2010 we rented our first place to stay here full time.

In 2011 we moved to our dream place at the top of Kalives with the most beautiful views both of the village, sea and mountains. Our pearl. We had achieved our dream!

In 2010 I started Kalives Crete, simply because we wanted more Norwegians to become aware of this great place. A village that has everything one needs, a delightful welcoming people, a place that really takes you in and where everybody does so much for that one should thrive. Initially this side thought to be completely Norwegian, simply because I just directed me towards the Norwegians. Gradually many different nationalities are on this side and presentations became a small mix.

I tried to introduce different things from the village, both hotels, tavernas, shops and other things.
Most importantly, the friendliness and mood here, which is the most important.

More and more people followed the page, many questions came and we eventually choosed to start the web page crete-dream. This is a wholly Norwegian web page to assist, inform and support Norwegians who want to come here either for a vacation or to stay here for longer or shorter periods, or whether they simply wonder how it is for a Norwegian to move from Norway. It’s very big activity on both pages and I am very happy.

What has happened since 2008 ?? We’ve got our very own Greek family who has taken care of us from day one, they love us and we are so very fond of them. We have received help and support from them and are so glad that we can be part of a Greek family where everyone fits together.

Having received so many Greek friends who have been there for us through all that has been happening, we do live a life for better and bad worse here in Kalives.

In 2015 we had 7-year anniversary of our wedding, and wanted to mark this. We felt that the whole village got involved in one way or another. We were blessed in Agios Rafael, an incredibly strong and great experience. We had a great celebration, with open invitions, with music and dancing at Taverna Mylos in Kalives. What a day to remember, what a commitment by all. We really felt we were at home!

We follow, and have seen, the crisis for Greece and the people of Greece, that so many are struggeling. We are representatives of the group “Crete need our help” in Apokoronas. We have close contact with social workers in the area to know what is needed and try to help as much as we can to. We have managed to gather a lot and will continue with this as long as it is needed.

We are so happy to be part of such a warm-hearted community where everyone cares and takes care of each other. We are outsiders, but feel like part of Kalives and are so happy every time we are called kalivani, it is an honor!

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