Telegraph: Greek island holidays to make you a better cook

Telegraph includes Greek islands in its “10 holidays to make you a better cook” guide noting the following: The Greek island of Poros is every bit as lovely as the set of Mamma Mia, but it’s less than an hour from the heart of Athens and a mere three-minute boat ride to the Peloponesse.

Based at the Odyssey Apartments, chef Katarina gives classes with a focus on the classics like Moussaka, meze or seasonal cooking.

You can join just one or opt for a week-long course including four lessons and excursions to Hydra Island, the historical town of Poros and local food markets.How to visit: A week’s Greek Cooking Course by Odyssey Apartments Poros costs from €990; not including flights to Athens. Greek Island Activities (01546 603852;

The British newspaper notes that “a walk around a food market is on most people’s holiday hit list. Bustling, colourful, and a chance to glimpse everyday life in your chosen destination: no surprises they are so popular with tourists. But without a guide, it’s easy to miss the good bits, especially if you aren’t fluent in the local language.

What are those bundles of herbs for? Why are there three different piles of avocadoes? And how on earth do you use those strange shaped fruits? The same is true in restaurants and on streetfood stalls – without inside knowledge on what to order, you could go away without the real flavour of the place.

The answer? A cookery holiday. Whether you go for a full timetable of classes or just an afternoon, it’s a brilliant way to get the inside track on an area, meet the locals (you can bet your life those stallholders have some tales to tell) and come away feeling crammed with new information and inspiration.And even if cooking on vacation sounds like a busman’s holiday, don’t dismiss it.

You won’t be doing any clearing up, dishwashing is someone else’s job and the pace is generally pretty gentle. All the fun and none of the dreary bits: that sounds like a perfect holiday.

“Telegraph includes the following proposals in its “10 holidays to make you a better cook” articel:

1. Noodles, dumplings and Peking duck with the Queen of Chinese Cuisine
2. Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City
3. Gastronomic Japan with Tim Anderson
4. Urban adventures in Rio and beyond
5. Going for Goa
6. Greek Island cooking
7. The Leopard’s kitchen
8. Cooking afloat
9. French cuisine with a master
10. Mexican markets and more

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