Survey: Greek Islands top destination in the world for solo travel

The relaxing Greek Islands are the first holiday destination in the world for those who prefer to travel alone, according to a recent survey conducted by Solitair Holidays.

The Greek islands came out on top for the most visited holiday destinations for single travellers with Turkey and Italy following closely behind. Gap year favourite India only just made it into the top 10.

The complete list of the top 10 solo travel destinations around the world includes:

1 – Greek islands
2 – Turkey
3 – Italy
4 – Spain
5 – Mediterranean Tour
6 – Canary Islands
7 – Cyprus
8 – Cuba
9 – Egypt
10 – India

This latest research shows that the male-dominated sun and sex on the beach cocktails and the reign of the Club 18-30 holiday is well and truly over.

A surprising 72.4% of women are more likely to travel alone, compared to just 27.6% per cent of men.

According to Solitair Holidays, the lone traveller is also less likely to be a 20-something backpacker on a gap year and more likely to be over the age of 50.

A huge 84% of people going solo on holiday are between the ages of 51 and 70, with only 4% under 30 years old.

Holiday for singles

The solo holiday is often thought thought to be a holiday for singles wanting to meet other singles, but this preconception has been debunked and most solo travellers do it by choice.

Many people travelling alone are actually happily married and admit to leaving their partners at home, in exchange for the freedom of travelling alone.

Over half said they liked the adventure and excitement of new places, and the luxury of doing what they want, without having to please their partners.

Whilst three quarters looked to meet new people, 34% like the independence of travelling alone.

Surprising age

What’s more surprising is the age people travel alone for the first time. According to the researchers 82.2% of the 1000 respondents polled had not travelled alone before the age of 41, and only 17.8% had.

Sian Jones, Managing Director at Solitair Holidays, said: “When people think of solo travel, they tend to think of people in their 20s, backpacking. 

“Nowadays there are many ways to travel and a diverse range of destinations to choose from, and the older generations especially have become more confident and relaxed about travelling alone.

“With an estimated one in three Brits expected to set off on holiday alone this year, the idea of travelling solo has lost a lot of it’s lonely hearts stigma it once carried. People want the chance to tick things off their bucket list and solo travel allows more people to do just that.” 

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