Minoan Lines Announces Extra Itineraries for Wednesday, May 18

Minoan Lines has announced extra itineraries on the Heraklion – Piraeus line on Wednesday, May 18, due to increased traffic volumes for the transportation of agricultural goods, as follows:

Heraklion – Piraeus (H/S/F FESTOS PALACE)
Departure from the port of Heraklion at 11 am
Piraeus – Heraklion (H/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE)
Departure from the port of Piraeus at 11 am

On the same day, evening departures on the Heraklion – Piraeus route will be performed as per standard schedule:

Heraklion – Piraeus (H/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE)
Departure from Heraklion at 21:30
Piraeus – Heraklion (H/S/F FESTOS PALACE)
Departure from Piraeus at 21:00

For further information regarding Minoan Lines’ scheduled departures, passengers are advised to contact their travel agent and Minoan Lines general or premium sales agents.

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