Two Greek islands among the best hidden beach destinations for 2016. One of them is… Crete!

Privacy, tranquillity and simplicity characterise the top 10 of European seaside destinations, according to the list published by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Among them 2 Greek islands (Koufonissia and Crete) with sublime beaches.

The coasts of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are fringed with an almost overwhelming array of beaches – from tiny coves tucked between dramatic limestone cliffs, to long stretches of powdery sand, strewn here and there with nature’s flotsam.

If your idea of the ideal beach is a hidden one with hardly anyone on it, read below to discover the top picks for European beaches that combine natural seafronts with just enough infrastructure – found usually in laid-back, traditional seaside towns and villages – to ensure a truly relaxing holiday.

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