Ryanair to stop flights from Rygge to Chania?

According to a reader and friend of CretePost.gr from Norway, the Norwegian Government has decided that from June 1., there will be an extra tax (for enviroment) on each booked seat on a plane.

The tax will be NOK 88 incl. VAT, about 9.5 Euro pr. seat.

Rygge airport is a privately owned airport in Southern Norway (Moss) and its largest customer is Ryan Air.

Ryan Air has informed the Board of Rygge Airport that if this tax comes (which now is decided) they will stop all operations from Rygge and Norway on November 1.

The Board of Directors at Rygge Airport are just now having an extraordinary meeting, and most newspapers in Norway think they will decide to cflose the airport as they will lose about 11 mill euros per year and make the airport non profitable.

Ryan Air from Rygge is, together with Norwegian, the biggest provider of ordinary flights from Norway to Crete (Chania), with at least 2 flights pr. week.

Obviously this will stop if the airport closes and -anyway- when Ryan Air leaves Norway on November 1.

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