Capsis Elite Resort: The first hotel in the world with Escape Rooms is on Crete

Escape rooms are live-action team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms, in order to accomplish a specific goal (usually escaping from the room) within a time limit. In most cases the teams consist of 2 to 6 members. The experience starts with the team meeting the game master who briefs them about the escape game, explains the rules, presents the backstory of the theme room and the game starts. But What’s Behind the Door? The mystery of what hides behind the closed door in an escape room creates incredible suspense and giddiness in players. When waiting for their game to begin, the tension in the air is high; people are nervous and quiet, as they don’t know what to expect.

The team enters in a room the door is locked and the time is counting down. The team has to explore the room, looking for clues. These could be pictures, numbers, symbols or tools. The solution of a riddle leads you to something else, which could be a key used to open a door for another room or a wardrobe which is a door for a hidden room etc. During the game, teams that communicate well, sharing what they find or what they are looking for, results to better organization of things that might go together and be more effective. If the team stuck in a clue during the game, a game master is watching the team through cameras and giving them hints to help them continue. As the team move forward the clues become more complex and require collaboration to completed. The final clue, lead the team to unlock the final door for a great escape from the theme room.

At the end of the game, game master leads the team through a debriefing process, answering questions and explaining clues if there are any questions from the team.

Escape rooms require teamwork, communication, and delegation, as well as critical thinking, attention to detail, and lateral thinking. They are accessible to a wide rang of players and do not favor any gender, as a result the most successful teams to be those that are made up of players with a variety of experiences, skills, physical abilities and knowledge. While they are live action games taking place in a real world, create opportunities for players to engage directly with each other.

In our resort we feature a total of 3 escape rooms of different concept each:

  • The perfect crime Escape Room

What seems like a perfect crime has been committed. Your team of detectives is in charge of solving the mystery of the murder. While the authorities have no trace of the serial killer, everyone is talking about the perfect crime. You and your team of detectives are responsible for solving the mystery. Find the murder weapon, and escape the locked crime scene before it is too late. Is the crime as perfect as it seems?

Difficulty level: 8,5/10

  • Inception Escape Room

It is year 2030. You are a member of an idea stealing team. This time your target is the great idea of one of the richest men alive. You may remain in his dream for 60 minutes, in order to extract the code and accomplish one of the biggest robberies in history. Will you and your team complete the mission and escape the room, before the spinner stops spinning and you all disappear in a dream forever?

Difficulty level: 10/10

  • The Circus Escape Room (also available for children over 12 years old)

There are no crowds or queues at the circus. A mysterious place full of weird and peculiar objects. Where are the clues hiding? What can help you escape? An hour of entertainment and mystique awaits you…. Will you make it in time before, The Circus plays with your mind? Enjoy the game on your way to your great escape.

Difficulty level: 7/10

Opening Hours : 15.00 – 23.00

 For more information and reservations, please contact us (+30) 2810 811112 

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