PHOTOS: 18 arrested -among them three policemen- for selling guns and ammunition

18 people -among them three policemen- were arrested in Chania and Komotini on Saturday, for selling guns and ammunition.

Police also looks to arrest other 28 people, among them two policemen.

They were buying non-operational guns from Germany, Austria and the United States via the Internet.

Then, they were converting the guns in fully operational and they were selling them.

A member of the criminal organization, who is the President of a Shooting Club in Chania, was giving bullets and cartridges to other members in order to be sold in the local -and only- market.

Police officers seized:

  • 45 guns
  • 9 rifles
  • 3 hand grenades
  • 22 shotguns
  • 11 airguns
  • 22,863 bullets
  • 3,444 guns for military rifles
  • 65 cartridges
  • 1,637 shotgun’ bullets
  • 89 gun parts
  • 9 knives
  • 6 crackers
  • 135 grams of gun powder
  • 24 grams of TNT
  • 3 wicks
  • 30 detonators
  • 1 taser
  • a pair of handcuffs
  • a pepper spray
  • 93 empty bullets

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