Habits change… Climate change… “EcoWeek” in Agios Nikolaos

This summer a special treat awaits young and established professionals andstudents of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Design: a very special week in Agios Nikolaos, Crete in Greece from July 3-10, 2016.

JOIN professionals and students of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture from Greece, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Kosovo and Albania for a truly INTERNATIONAL event!

A one-week inernational conference and sustainable design workshops with lectures, films, exhibitions and more! Learn about One Planet Living communities, placemaking, and design-build hands-on workshops, using ecological materials, reclaimed and recycled materials, with local and international experts. more

ECOWEEK events are high quality yet affordable; give opportunities forempowerment and leadership, and enable networking for future professionals opportunities. They are also fun! Join us!


  • “I join ECOWEEK 2016 in Crete because I want to learn new issues and topics in Architecture.”
  • “I join ECOWEEK 2016 in Crete because I want to get experience in workshops.”
  • “I join ECOWEEK because it is international and because Crete is one of the most beautiful places!. I think I must join!”
  • “I found about ECOWEEK through Google search. What attracted me to ECOWEEK was that it offered an alternative from other conferences.”
  • “I ‘love’ this kind of interaction between international people who have the same vision, but different ways of achieving it.”
  • “I am joining because I am deeply convinced that sustainable design with respect to the environment is the only realistic way for architecture to remain on track and play its own role in addressing the environmental threats of our times.”
  • “I am joining ECOWEEK because I did my dissertation on Designing for Abundance on Earth… ! 🙂 I’ve also forwarded the announcement to the university to let other students know. This is the only way forward for design and sustainability….”
  • “ECOWEEK in Crete is useful and enjoyable. Combines everything! From Artchitecture to vacation! It is educational with great scenery, by the sea, it is fun and an opportunity to learn, meet people and have a great time!”
  • “ECOWEEK has truly made a difference in our lives and our profession! :)”
  • “I cannot go back to normal, mentally I am still on ECOWEEK! It was so amazing!”

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