Ascent from Tzitzifia to Plokamiana


1.Meet at starting point the main square at Vathi Kissamou (5 kilometres before  Chrissoskalitissa – Elafonisi) at 10h00 a.m.

2. Transported to ascent point with trucks.

3. The climb will take approximately one and a half hours . The entire walk will last about 5 hours, ending at the village Plokamiana (with drinks and a snack from the Association Club)

4. It is ESSENTIAL that you have with you, water, good hiking boots, a hat, a jacket or jersey, and a walking stick. The degree of difficulty of the route is 3.

5. The organizers of the hike can exclude from the hike people that are not adequately equipped for the hike, do not meet the requirements for the ascent or for any other valid reason, for their own safety.

6. Your participation is entirely at your own risk, as you have made the necessary medical checks and are not experiencing any medical problems.
Getting to the starting point

With your own car – 60 minutes from Chania – 30 minutes from Kastelli

With the KTEL bus, route CHANIA – ELAFONISI, which departs from the KTEL bus station at 09h00AM. Before your ticket is issued, please inform
them that you will be going to Vathi for the ascent, and you will have a discount. The bus departs at 19h00 from Plokamiana.

For information, contact Manolis Plokamakis 697 376 1676

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