Elafonissi and Balos in Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches in the World

Yes, you read it right: pink beaches – exotic, picturesque pink beaches that look like they are straight out of a Barbie movie.

It might be hard to imagine, but all over the world, there are some exceptional pink beaches, just like there are beaches of various other stunning colours. Among the most stunning ones are the pink beaches.

Tiny red organisms live on pieces of shells and dead coral reefs.

These fall to the floor of the ocean and are washed onto the shore.

Sometimes, the natural formulations of calcium carbonate from the corals or shells of marine invertebrates, like the hermit crabs, mix with the sands.

Some beaches have a stronger shade of pink, while others are have patches of pink. Let us take a look at 10 wonderful pink beaches in the world.

10. Elafonissi

Elafonisi is a Greek island in the south of the Mediterranean island of Crete.

It is a part of Crete administratively, and is one of the hidden gems of the world in terms of beauty.

In some parts of the year, it is possible to walk to Elafonisi through the shallow water, which is lined by a gorgeous beach covered in pink sand, which makes a great playground for children. Some parts of the beach are rocky.

4. Balos Lagoon Beach

In the uninhabited Greek islands of Gramvousa which is off the coast of Crete, lies the Balos lagoon, between the island and the coast of Crete.

This lagoon is lined with a beach along the shallow and warm waters, which offers the most ethereal experience.

Parts of the beach are an exquisite pinkish in colour, which is formed due to millions of crushed shells.

The beach has rocks and cliffs that bound the lagoon.


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