Drunk American soldier from USS “Truman” hit a taxi driver, stole the taxi and ended in a ditch!

Unbelievable incident in Chania during the night, as a 26 year old soldier from USS “Truman” hit a taxi driver and stole a taxi.

Incident occurred shortly after 3 a.m. on Tuesday night.

The drunk soldier left the bar and went to Karaiskaki Sq.

He got into a taxi and tried to drive it!

The taxi driver tried to stop him, but the drunk soldier punched him!

The taxi fell on two other cars, causing major damage, but the drunk American managed to “escape”.

The owner of the taxi was informed for the incident by his driver.

The taxi was found crashed in a ditch at Agia, almost 10 km away from Chania.

The soldier was arrested, but he is hospitalized in the General Hospital of Chania.

The owner and the driver of the taxi filed a lawsuit and they will ask for a compensation.

photo by zarpanews.gr

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