Water shortages in Apokoronas may force water use restrictions

This year’s rainfall was 30% to 50% less than the average of the last five years in Western Crete, Heraklion plains and the Lasithi mountain range. In parts of Sitia the recorded rainfall was 60 -70 % less than the 5 year average.

Many municipalities across the island are considering emergency measures to ensure a steady water supply through the peak summer season.

Even Apokoronas which is endowed with plentiful water sources is facing water shortage problems compounded by the increased demand during the tourist season.

Villages like Drapanos, Kares Kokkino Chorio Samonas that lie higher up on the foothills  are already experiencing problems with water pressure. Apokoronas water services are trying to find ways of meeting the extra summer demand.  Among the immediate measures taken  is an improved inspection and  repair of leaks in the water network.

In Vamos where there is no OADYK agricultural water,  municipal network water is used for watering fields.  Local news site parakritika.gr reports that the council is considering turning off the municipal water supply for agricultural use or at least rationing its use in the Vamos area.

If the water reserves continue to drop at the current rate the municipality may be forced to consider hosepipe bans and introduction of regulations for the use of water.

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