Health minister opens new Emergency Ambulance Centre in Apokoronas

Health minister Pavlos Polakis on Saturday evening  inaugurated a new ambulance centre in Georgiopolis to cover medical emergencies in Apokoronas and Sfakia districts.

The mayors of Apokoronas and Sfakia, local MP Valia Vagionaki and  senior officers from the ambulance service were also present.

The centre is housed in the old Georgiopolis town hall,  sharing the premises with the Apokoronas IEK  technical school

One of the new state of the art ambulances that were  will be operated from the centre.

The minister also announced that the government intends to make new staff appointments to ensure that the centre will be fully staffed.

Apokoronas mayor Babis Koukianakis said that the residents and visitors in the two municipalities could feel safe in the knowledge that medical emergencies could now be dealt with more effectively.

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