The best Greek island for every type of traveler. Crete best for foodies

Business Insider –With some 6,000 islands within its borders, Greece has a lot to offer travelers of all stripes. Whether you’re in search of wild parties, family-friendly activities, or just a place where you can relax and unwind, you’re sure to be able to find it on one of Greece’s stunning islands.

While each Greek island has its own beauty and charm, it can be tough knowing which one to choose for your next vacation.

To help Business  Insider has published its own 2016 recommendations for  the best Greek island for different types of travelers. As expected Crete features in the guide for its unique culinary offerings, but it could easily be there for its beaches,  its history and for it untouched nature. Still, there are other islands to consider …  here’s  the complete guide from Business Insider with some great photographs of 12 Greek islands  that make you wish you could visit them all.

Best for foodies: Crete

Head to the island of Crete to try local specialties like dakos, which is typically made up of dried bread or barley rusk topped with tomato, creamy cheese, and olive oil.

The island, which is famous for its olive oil, is home to rustic eateries that serve incredibly fresh meat, cheeses, olive oil, and wines that are often produced in-house.

You can dine on meals made with herbs picked from the nearby hillside, or head to one of its beachfront restaurants to enjoy the catch of the day.

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