VIDEO: Loca… a movie in Heraklion. A utopian fairytale taking place in dystopian times…

What if you had a serious illness that stopped you from real life? Would you just wait in a room for death to come and waste all you had left or would you try to make it count, no matter it lasted less?


Lukas is nearly 30 years old and suffers from a serious heart disease. He passes his days between serious surgeries doing nothing; he is miserable and lonely. Loca on the other hand is a 20 years old girl full of life. She is a graffiti artist the police would love to catch. On a carnival night Lukas and Loca get together and when Loca gets busted; Lukas has to decide whether he risks his life trying to save her or keeps on waiting for death to come doing nothing.

A utopian fairytale taking place in dystopian times…

By the time we started planning the short movie “Loca” we knew that we were entering a difficult but at the same time fascinating path. Making a high professional movie in a small town like Heraklion is a challenge on its own. Filming it during the big crisis – the never ending crisis – and having decided not to rely on some program or friends’ good intentions makes it even more difficult. So, where do we depend on? The answer is we depend on the dream, the creative madness and the artistic vision of 30 young professional artists who live, dream and work in this small town of the European south; a place that has been blamed many times for laziness and greed; a place that answers to all these charges with hard work and never ending dreams. The movie poses a huge challenge for a provincial Greek town, during the current economic and social circumstances, where spirit and solidarity are the basic materials for every synergy. Therefore many participants are called to be creative in more than one place; but – as referred before – hard work is not a problem for none of us; solidarity is not a problem; giving up is a problem . So we took the long road of an indie production asking for funding by the local and greater community.
Nevertheless the challenges are not only financial, they are also artistic, otherwise there would be no reason for making the movie. We plan on filming the movie in a unique way that expresses our vision: The script consists of 15 pages and 13 scenes, from which we will create 8-10 long takes with a moving camera on a Ronin in the city Centre. Our plan is to shoot one scene in a single long take every day; creating the sense of perpetual movement and infusing anticipation for heroes and audience as well. The characters’ movement and the constant change of their location up the ante for the long takes, which need to be choreographed and planned in approximately 3 minutes of film time. Most of the shootings will take place at night, since our story is unfolding on the last night of the Carnival, in just 12 hours until dawn.
Carnival scenes, August shootings, empty roads, the scenery balancing between social turmoil and Carnival create the canvas for a utopian fairytale that takes place in dystopian times.


We are a group of young people living in Heraklion – Crete; trying to make a movie about life and why it’s worth it. The idea of the movie came up during a creative writing classroom; the original idea was about a very sick young man who just wanted to die laughing. Through the lesson the idea was transformed to what it is today; a story about living for a cause and dying for it. We believe that – especially in today’s Greece, the Greek of crisis – this is an important message. Nowadays Greek people are tired and disappointed; just like Lukas. They just keep on living letting the days passing by without doing nothing; it’s just a slow death. Through the movie we want to talk about making it count; about the most important thing we should never forget that our life is given to us once; like a special present. “Loca” is a story about people who – like Jack Kerouac wrote – “but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!””

Your Contribution

Any contribution you are willing to make means a lot to us. Your donation will not only be funding a unique short film, it will also go toward kick-starting the careers of the many young artists involved with this project. From our producers to our actors, every individual working on this short movie is talented, hardworking and visionary. Your contribution will play a vital role to our future as filmmakers.
Additionally, you will contribute in elevating the city of Heraklion and Crete in general as a film-making hub. As the city is suffering the economic crisis effects, we strive to keep our creativity and art alive. Our crew is taking part in an unprecedented collaboration of all the cinema professionals in Heraklion. You can help us to set the foundations for this generation of film-makers and artists, so that we open the way for the next generation!
Our sponsors are offering their services/products as a gift to you and us. Your contribution can be exchanged with a a 50% discount room to mount Psiloritis, where Zeus was raised. So you can contribute to ouρ film and also enjoy a service/product, as a gift to you by our sponsors.
Ιf you can’t contribute money, we’d still love your help! You can do this be tweeting and facebooking. Spread the word for our dream short movie!

Title: Loca
Genre: Fiction
Lenght: Short Film
Shootings location: Heraklion/Crete/Greece
Year: 2016

Panos Ioannidis
Maria Papadaki (Flo)
Nikolis Avramakis
Dimitris Kolotouros

Directed by: Maria Papadaki (PJ)

Script: Lefteris Giannakoudakis & Maria Papadaki

Producers: Martha Lyroni & Fani Anagnostou
Assistants: Tasou Palisdou, George Siekris, Frantzeska Adreadaki, Anthi Oikonomou, Maria Kopanaki

Assistant director: Lifters Giannakoudakis

Camera Operator: Vasilis Flouris
Assistant Photographer & Operator:Yannis Mathioudakis

Photography: Manolis Mathioudakis
Ass. photographer: Maria Chatzikonstantinou

Sound Engineer: Tomas Schenk
Booman: Kostas Mavridis

Scenography / Costums: Anna Hiletzaki
Promo Scenopgraphy: Meropi Papadaki

Make up artist: Mirto Alexaki
Hairstyling: Yannis Hriasidakis

Original Soundtrack: Vagelis Syligardos

Movie musicians: Vagelis Syligardos, Maria Fasoulaki, Alexandros Kanakakis

Dance at music scene:
Nota Kontou
Nikoleta Samara

Promo Instruments:
Mpouzouki: Vagelis Syligardos
Congas: Nikos Pagomenos

Teaser Mixing and Mastering: Madhat / Nikos Vogiatzakis


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