teflSeach: Greece second destination in the world on Internet searches

Greece is the second most desirable destination in the world according to a comprehensive analysis of Google data.

The website teflSearch looked at queries made between July 2015 and July 2016 from more than 80 countries in 52 languages to produce a series of maps that reveal the holiday wish lists of various nationalities.

Where the world wants to go

Croatia featured in 2.71 per cent of travel-related searches worldwide and was followed by a clutch of other beach favourites: Greece (2.54 per cent), Turkey, Thailand (both 2.47 per cent), Spain (1.99 per cent), Italy (1.9 per cent), Cuba (1.85 per cent), Portugal (1.66 per cent) and Malta (1.65 per cent). The US completed the top 10, while the most visited country in the world – France – didn’t make the cut.

Where the British want to go

British travellers prefer to look closer to home, with the UK revealed to be the most sought-after destination (5.6 per cent), as well as farther afield, with Australia slotting into fourth place. Croatia was not among the top 10, nor were Italy, Portugal or the US, but Mexico and Cyprus did make the grade.

Where Aussies want to go

Aussies are mad about Fiji, with the little island nation the subject of 16.1 per cent of searches, followed by New Zealand (10.3 per cent) and Thailand (6.5 per cent). A couple of other South Pacific minnows – Samoa and Vanuatu – are also among the most searched-for spots.

Where Americans want to go

Americans also look to their closest neighbours, with Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Canada all inside the top 10. The most in-demand destination, however, is the UK.

Where Croatians want to go

Where do you go when you live in world’s most desirable destination? Somewhere even more idyllic, it would seem. The analysis revealed that the top destination for Croatians is the Maldives.

The places that love each other

Some places, meanwhile, are made for one another. Taiwan and Hong Kong were each other’s most in-demand destinations, as were Japan and South Korea.

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