Aegean Airlines: Closer to Greece. Tribute to Crete… learn from the locals

From Evros to Crete and from Corfu to Lesvos, Greece, thanks to the unbelievable abundance of its nature, is a country travelers will never cease to explore, live, taste and admire. The experiences are endless and the choices limitless.

At Aegean, we wish to highlight to all over the world the reasons why each of our country’s destinations is so unique; that’s why each month we prepare a special tribute to one or more Greek destinations.

With a series of initiatives and in cooperation with local producers, we will offer to all our passengers a really authentic taste of Greece! By tasting local products at the business lounge and during the flights, and by watching beautiful images and useful information about each destination on the onboard screens, our passengers will discover every aspect of the vast Greek beauty.

We look forward to showing you around and offering you experiences that will bring you closer to Greece!

August 2016 – Tribute to Crete

We want to bring you closer to Greece by dedicating every month to one or more Greek destinations; we fill our aircrafts with beautiful images, familiar aromas and favourite tastes.

Summer in Greece is full of authentic tastes and images of unparalleled beauty; thus, we dedicate August to enchanting Crete!

At the southernmost tip of Europe lays the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean; Crete, birthplace of Zeus – king of all gods – is a place blessed with mesmerizing shores extending for over 600 miles and a mountainous landscape dotted with picturesque villages, impressive mountain ranges and breathtaking canyons. The famous Cretan hospitality offered by the warm and hearty locals who will charm you with their improvised lyrics [mantinades] accompanied by Cretan lyre, along with the traditional cuisine – possibly the healthiest in the world – will make your holidays simply unforgettable.

Learn everything from the locals





We bring you closer to Crete by filling our lounges with traditional “xerotigana” dough sweets from Sitia, “Damianakis” mini rusks, “Kouklinos” honey-cheese pies from Sfakia, “Lambakis” mini pies stuffed with greens or goat cheese, “Savoidakis” “lihnarakia” and “anevata” pastries, “Dikti” “kefalotyri” cheese and “Meligyris” honey. At the same time, our sandwiches are filled with “apaki” cured meat and Cretan gruyere cheese, while “Vidiano 2015” white wine and, of course, “raki” complement the gourmet trip to Crete!

The beauties of Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi unfold in a special video on Crete which will be screened throughout August in our aircrafts, “transferring” our passengers to the southernmost edge of Greece.

Whichever your destination this month, we will “take you to a tour” on the island of great history and civilization, by serving at Economy class delicacies like gruyere breadstick, carob biscuit, carob mini rusk with raisins, almond and chocolate muffin, butter biscuit and orange-scented rusk. 

For those travelling in Business class, there will be two additional meal choices which will “travel” you all the way to Crete; baby goat in white Cretan wine and herb sauce accompanied by artichoke hearts and oven potatoes with fennel, and cod fillet served with vegetable stew in aromas of the Cretan countryside. “Vidiano 2015” white wine will complement ideally all Business class meals.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let us fly you to your final destination, after taking you to the beauties and smells of beautiful Crete, while being 30,000 feet high up.

Looking forward to welcoming you and treating you on board!

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