Greek Education Ministry Announces Results of University Entry Exams

Greece’s Education Ministry on Wednesday announced the results of the university and technical college entry exams, with seven out of ten students passing.

Specifically, out of 105,548 candidates, 72,973 qualified for entry in universities, Higher Ecclesiastical Academies, colleges, Military and Police Academies and Fire Department and Merchant Navy Academies.

This puts an end to the suspense of over a hundred thousand families who were eagerly waiting for the results. Despite the rampant unemployment, or underemployment, the alarming brain drain, continuing recession and the overall bleak picture of the Greek economy, Greek students still want to enter higher education institutions and get degrees.

Waiting for the entry exam results in August has become a tradition in Greek society in the past few decades. In earlier years, candidates, family and friends were waiting with their ears glued to the radio to hear the names of those who passed the exams. The names for each school were announced one by one. Wild celebrations ensued for those who passed, while those who failed were grief-stricken.

Today, the results and names are posted on the internet and students and their families can find out easily whether they have passed or not.

However, despite the many changes in the entry exams, the basic flaw of the system remains: Each school has a certain number of points the candidate needs to score in order to enter. If a candidate scores less points, they can enter a lesser school.

For instance, if a student wants to become an engineer but doesn’t score adequate points, he can enter the mathematics school, which is lower in scale in technical universities. It is their choice to enroll in the mathematics school or try again the following year.

This point system has led thousands of students over the years to go to schools they don’t wish to go to and study half-heartedly, or get degrees and then work completely unrelated jobs.

But then again, there are very few Greek families who don’t wish their offspring to become doctors, lawyers and such.

The results can be found at:

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