Two US reconnaissance aircraft approached the Crimea, one of them stationed in NSA Souda Bay

On September 9, two patrol aircraft from the US Navy P-8A Poseidon approached the coast of the Crimea three hours apart from each other. This was reported by Interfax, referring to websites that track the movement of military aircraft.

They took off on Friday from the Italian airbase Sigonella, and the last of the planes is currently performing the task over the Black Sea near the Russian borders and the Crimea.

Poseidon’s route runs through Greek and Bulgarian airspace to the area west of the Crimea.

It should be noted that, since the beginning of the Caucasus 2016 Russian military exercises, which also take place in the Crimea, American planes have carried out an unprecedented number of reconnaissance flights near the Russian borders and the Crimea on the Black Sea.

On September 8, four reconnaissance aircraft from the Air Force and the US Navy approached the Crimea; in particular, a strategic RC-135 stationed in the Greek Air Force Base Souda Bay, and a patrol P-8A Poseidon from the Italian Air Forces base Sigonella; on Wednesday, three reconnaissance aircraft approached the Crimea; on Tuesday, two.

On September 7, media reported that Russian fighter jets intercepted US military aircraft over the Black Sea. The Russian Federation stated that an SU-27 intercepted the US military reconnaissance aircraft as they were trying to spy on theRussian army exercises over the Black Sea.

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