Ermonikian Events… October 15 and 16

With the symbolic day of the autumnal equinox, the Athletic Committee of Ermonikia has announced this year, the two-day program of this year’s Events, putting its stamp officially on the last phase of the organizing preparations.

The “Ermonikian Events”, the popular two-day festival, which is inspired by the human values and the big celebrations of ancient Greece, is coming for the 4th consecutive year, to inspire the little and the bigger ones, in the heart of this year’s autumn event in Lampi Rethymnon, Crete, forming the largest provincial cultural and athletic institution of the Prefecture.

The two-day program begins on Saturday morning (10.00), including exhibitions of ancient Greek musical instruments, pottery, and small works of art, inviting in same time the nature lovers to visit local museums, historical sights and a unique local botanical garden. A little bit after in the afternoon, the program turns the attention to the small experimental, juniors’ theatrical play performed by the children of the local primary school, presenting episodes from the mythical cycle of the ancient god Hermes, while later, the curtain of Speeches will open with a historical overview of Pagration, from the World Pagration Athletic Federation, Mr. Kanakarakis. Afterwards, speeches of researchers and specialized manufacturers of ancient musical instruments will take place, with the first historical and structural approaches to ancient Greek lyre, while the cultural events of the day will culminate with another unique concert of ancient Greek music, by the musical group EVELDOR that travels every year the music-loving public to the ancient sounds.

The also rich program of Sunday will start early at 07.30, with runners’ registrations, while the yearly local hiking excursion will begin, aiming to unify the people of the cities with nature in exploring natural beauties of the area. Trekking leader for this year, will be Mr. Manolesakis with the participation of the Hellenic Alpine Club of Rethymnon (EOS) and other related clubs, hiking along the local riverside trails.

The 4th Ermonikian Race 20 km, will be again at the top of Ermonikian Events. Starting from picturesque Melambes at 10.30 and running the main road, the race will lead the messengers-runners in an innerself’s awareness test, passing through the impressive mountainous landscapes, the picturesque villages and the fertile valley of Lampi, leading to the finish line and the fresh fountains of the green village of Spili. The smooth geomorphology of the route, the calm temperatures, the less traffic of October and the necessary time distance from the upcoming date of the authentic Marathon of Athens, are the biggest advantages of the route, making it an ideal test preparation.

At the side of the messengers-runners will stand more than 100 volunteers, official services, medical staff and organizations, while this year, the rich facilities and the hosting of the event will offer to the runners, a unique sporting experience.

On the same day, there will also taking place two Juniors’ races 500m. in Melambes and Spili and a Public’s Race 2km with a non competitive character and free participation for all, within a vigorous effort to spread widely the values of sports, while some smaller events will take place such as the horses’ cavalcade and the delivery of the caduceus to the first messenger-runner.

Finally, the “Epinikia”, the festive closing of the Games, will crown the awards of the Race (13.30), including the established outdoor feast of Cretan traditional music, with the participation of new local artists and members of dancing clubs, before the closing party entertain the volunteers, runners and visitors who want to continue joyfully after the events.

The two-day celebration of Ermonikia, combining in a unique way the beauty of nature, the local history and the eternal human, it is an open event for everyone, ideal for families or groups of friends, with entertainment, sports, culture and human unity within a warm, welcoming atmosphere with free participation in cultural, sporting events and various spontaneous happenings, while at the top day of the Events, there will be offered free local food and wine.

For first time this year, the bus company KTEL Chania-Rethymnon S.A., as part of the new sponsorship support of the Events, will serve the distant friends guests who wish to attend the Events  in the region, by scheduling 2 evening-return routes from Spili to Rethymnon at 22.00 on Saturday 15/10 and 22.00 on Sunday 16/10, while an offer of 50% discount will be applied for those passengers that will issue -roundtrip tickets- from Rethymnon office, on the route [Rethymnon-Spili-Rethymnon].

ERMONIKIA send the call again this year, to every free spirit, every carefree soul, every messenger of Life, every lover of nature and culture in a festive Mankind’s unity celebration for spreading the human values, which are tested in these really difficult years. In this festive union of people, the Athletical Committee of Ermonikia all, with its characteristic, vivid way :

“By taking part in this call, of Ages,  You give life to the carefree memories, to the joy of freedom, to the dreams of mentality…Be part of History… be an inspiration for those who hope in difficult times…

Ermonikia is not just a race … is not just a celebration. It is a new consciousness rising … a Mankind’s call for unity…for resistance… in another crucial “Gigantomachy” of this Age…

A new message of awareness… For the Victory of Civilization…For the Victory of Mankind! ”

*More information about the spirit, the Ermonikian Events’ program, the transportation by KTEL bus services and registrations for the 4th Ermonikian Race 20km, visit the official social page of Ermonikia at: or send your e- mail to:

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