Authorities in Crete investigate mystery flyers citing Qur’an

eKathimerini — Authorities on Crete have launched an investigation after leaflets with references to Allah and excerpts from the Qur’an were found strewn on the streets of Tympaki in the area of Messara.

According to local reports, the flyers, signed by a group calling itself the Muslim Brotherhood of Crete, said that Allah has commanded the conquest of the planet and that non-believers should not own any land.

It is understood the police are investigating the possibility of provocation by unknown groups as there is some adverse reaction to government proposals to relocate 2000 migrants in Crete.

It has also been suggested that the throwing on the ground of documents containing the name of Allah and verses of the Quor’an is considered to be offensive by most Muslims, let alone those who are encouraging religious radicalism

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