Ministry Approves Two New Tourism Investments in Evia and Crete

Two new “strategic” tourism investments in Evia and Crete were approved on Thursday by the Greek Economy, Development and Tourism Ministry. The ministry gave the go ahead following the projects’ positive evaluation by investment expert Enterprise Greece.

The investment plans involve the creation of a new resort in Karystos of Evia by the company RSR Eagle Resort Evoia Mepe and a project named “Elounda Hills” in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, by the Mirum Hellas consortium.

The projects, which amount to some 600 million euros in proposed investments and are expected to create some 600 jobs, include the building of hotel complexes, marinas, special tourism infrastructure and holiday homes.

According to the ministry, the investors have agreed to provide pre-determined and measurable offset benefits to the local municipalities in which the resorts will be built, use the services of local businesses and utilize local products.

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