Marathon running priests of Crete

Proto Thema — Spreading the word of God and leading the congregation on the narrow and straight path of virtue  can often be a burdensome task for the clergy.

They have to find some ways to unwind and let off some steam from time to time.

Which is why these two Greek Orthodox priests  decided to take part in a half-marathon race in Crete.

The two priests, father Kosidakis and Michail Papaioannou, tested their endurance in the 5,000 metre run last week at the annual “Arkolochori street run” in Heraklion.

Taking to the streets among other runners came somewhat as a pleasant surprise to their fellow competitors and the onlookers, and  they both received a warm applause at the finish line.

Both wanted to send a message that exercising and sports was a healthy pastime.

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