Municipality of Platanias takes part in the European Local Democracy Week 2016

«Municipality of Platanias » takes part in the European Local Democracy Week – a paneuropean event coordinated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe – as « 12-Star City ».

The Municipality of Platanias, is located in the prefecture of Chania on the west end of the island of Crete. The Municipality of Platanias, extending over 495 sq. kms, is the largest in the regional unit of Chania. It has a population over 20,000 and stretches from the northern coast of the island to the peaks of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) in the south.

The Municipality of Platanias is an enchanting uniquely gifted place, with a rich history and tradition, hospitable people and natural landscapes of unsurpassed natural beauty! Platanias is not by chance considered the quintessence of Crete and a world of natural contradictions. From the great blue of the coastal villages, following the magical inland routes to the proud mountain peaks. Unique historical, environmental and religious monuments, beautiful natural paths, rocky mountain slopes, stunning gorges, numerous wooded paths, alternative routes for hiking and mountain bike, traditional villages, taverns offering unique tastes and intense night life are just a few of the things that make Platanias a blessed land!

1. Experiential seminar for development skills for newcomers in the labor market.
DESCRIPTION: As part of ΕΕΤΔ 2016, the Municipality of Platania will implement an experiential seminar for the development of professional skills of unemployed and newcomers to the labor market, with particular emphasis on young people who experience the consequences of social exclusion. During the seminar, there will be presented techniques and methodologies for the development of professional skills, required for the development of a modern professional profile. The main objective of this, is to mobilize young people to enhance knowledge and skills related to the professional development and progress.

2. Lecture on “Bullying: The school and family activities for the prevention of Bullying»
DESCRIPTION: The aim of this conference is to inform and sensitize the teachers-educators, parents and students about the phenomenon of Bullying, highlighting the complexity, the causes and the effects on the child, the family and at school. Nowadays, bullying and aggression at school is emerging as a major problem and is a social phenomenon. During the conference, the types of bullying and children’s roles will be considered as the victimizers and victims. Simultaneously, the methods of prevention and the management of this phenomenon will be reported in school and family.

3. Children’s rights workshop – Children’s Rights in Platanias
This initiative is intended to promote and ensure the rights of children through creative activities such as reading related books. In this context, librarians and educators will be invited to visit primary schools of Platanias and discuss with the children simple and interesting stories and read books related to the Rights of the Child.

4. Children’s Literature & Multiculturalism: Reading “Peter’s girl”
The talented writer for children’s literature, Argiro Mountaki, represents her book “Peter’s girl”, which is about the phenomena of racism and xenophobia, immigration and immigrants, children’s rights, school’s big problems such as bullying and the need for all of us to understand, that the diversity of people is not a threat and that multiculturalism is a social and cultural wealth. This action is addressed at children aged 9 years and older.

5. «Youth & European Policies»: The Europe Direct of Crete as a mediator between the European Union and the Youth
The debate is informing the public and in particular young people, regarding the promotion of European programs and networks of the advantages and opportunities of mobility in work and learning in the European Union. In order to promote the important policy of EU Commission which is to engage young people to step up into leadership roles in their local communities as agent and multipliers for sustainable development and growth.

6. ELDW promotion campaign
A promotional campaign will be undertaken by the Municipality of Platanias via: its website (, social media network websites like Facebook, mass media, production of posters, using the logo and image of ELDW. Information on this initiative will also be sent to schools, NGO’s and other local institutions and partners.

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