Creta Maris Beach Resort: Actions for the protection of environment and the promotion of the Cretan culture

On Friday 17th of October, 2016, Creta Maris Beach Resort celebrated its Travelife Gold recertification by organizing a dual action in favor of the environment and culture. During this action, tourists and staff members participated in an organized cycling, and visited the Lychnostatis folklore Museum, which was the destination point.

The aim of this action was to increase the awareness about protection of the environment and the promotion of the genuine Cretan culture, on the occasion of the “European Car Free Day” and the “World Bread Day”.

All guests and employees of the resort, participating in the event, were informed about the Cretan lifestyle that is inextricably bound to the soil and its health, as well as the local balanced diet that is recognized as a worldwide standard diet. Additionally, all the participants were able to take part in the bread’s traditional kneading preparation and its baking process.

The above actions of Creta Maris Beach Resort are an integral part of its philosophy, its sustainable program, and its environmental and local actions’ program, which are carried out on an annual basis. Moreover, along with other 150 sustainability criteria these actions are the reason why the resort was awarded with the Travelife Gold certification.

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