Negative 5-year record… 37,667 Greeks lost their jobs in November 2016

Proto Thema – Roughly 37.667 salaried jobs were lost in the Greek private sector in November 2016 according to the information system ERGANI, in what is considered the worst employment performance of the last five years, with more layoffs than hirings.

Conversely, in November 2015 there were 24,674 layoffs; in 2014 20,331; in 2013 17,214; and in 2012 34,138.

A comparison of data between November 2015 and November 2016 indicates a decrease in employment by 12,993 jobs, with a negative employment balance (-37,667) versus November 2015 (-24,674).

According to employment data, there were 157,385 recruitment postings, while there were 195,052 departures. Of those who left, 66,978 did so voluntarily and 128,074 left with grievances concerning indefinite work contracts and fixed-term contracts.

Cumulatively for the period January to November 2016,a positive balance was recorded with 125,128 new jobs. However, the new positions (54.47%) mostly concerned “flexible” jobs.  In other words, only 45,53% were full-time positions, while 40.03% were part-time positions and 14.44% were rotational jobs.

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