Tourism Minister sees increase in 2017 bookings and asks for united front

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura briefed the MPs and the parties’ responsible for Tourism in a broad meeting on Thursday on the lastest developments and the course of the Greek tourism.

Kountoura referred to the top performance recorded in the Greek tourism sector in the last two years and the successful results of the national 4-year tourism campaign with emphasis on the extension of the tourism period, the opening to new foreign markets, new direct flights, the promotion of new Greek tourist destinations, the thematic tourism and the attraction of new tourism investments.

The minister said that a spectacular increase in reservations for 2017 has been recorded and presented the ministry’s programme for the next year. In this context she invited them to submit their own proposals on the country’s tourist development.

She also underlined that attracting investment for tourism projects is vital for growth and invited all parties and MPs to prepare proposals that will contribute to this adding: “Tourism is a national affair and we must all be united in order to achieve the strongest outcome.


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