Ongoing investigation on the “Novartis” pharmaceutical

At least 178 witnesses have testified on the case of the “Novartis” pharmaceutical company, with bribes in Greece, according to the preliminary examination conducted by Corruption Prosecutor Ms. Eleni Raikou.

An echelon of the FBI that started first to investigate the scandals in many countries is now in Greece and cooperating with the Greek authorities investigating “black” money which circulated from 2006 to 2014 to 4,000 doctors of both public and private hospitals in order to prescribe to their patients the pharmaceutical products of “Novartis”.

Already, former employees of the company in Greece have testified in America having made, according to press sources, significant revelations, and are now under legal protection.

The Financial Prosecutor ordered a raid in the company’s offices a few days ago, confiscating valuable data for the ongoing investigations.


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