Day: January 10, 2017

Much of Greece struggling to cope with bad weather

As the cold snap that gripped Attica began to subside on Tuesday, other parts were struggling to cope with the consequences of heavy snowfall, including power and water cuts, while some areas were cut off from the rest of the country. The front line in terms of disruptions was on the central Aegean island of […]

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VIDEO: The beauty of snowy Crete

Dozens of videos in YouTube, Facebook, etc. Snowy Crete is everywhere in the World Wide Web. Enjoy another great video, this time from Discover Crete page in Facebook, entitled… “Crete.. the white continent”.

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Missing man was found dead in Rogdia, Heraklion

Tragic end for a 39 year old man, who was missing since last Thursday. He had informed his relatives that he was going for a job to Kavrohori, but since then… there was no sign of life from him. According to information, he was found dead beside his car, close to Rogdia. A forensic examination […]

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