Athens Airport Closes 2016 with Record 20.02 Million Passengers

Passenger numbers at Athens International Airport (AIA) reached a new record high in 2016 at 20.02 million passengers.

Passenger numbers rose by a total of 10.7 percent (1.9 million) year on year.

According to data released recently by AIA, both domestic and international passengers achieved double-digit growth levels of 11.2 percent and 10.4 percent, respectively, reaching 7.15 million and 12.87 million.

This growth was driven by both the Greek residents’ dynamic growth of 15 percent, as well as the foreign visitors’ robust rise of 8 percent.

In December alone, the airport’s passengers reached 1.35 million, noting a 14.3 percent increase  compared to prior-year levels.

Domestic travellers rose by 8.3 percent, while international passengers grew strong at 18 percent.

Moreover, Greek travellers increased by 19 percent and foreign visitors also presented growth at a 7 percent level.

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