Air passenger traffic soars to record levels in Greece for 2016

Air passenger traffic reached record levels in 2016, totaling 53.6 million euros, up 9.9 pct compared with 2015, Civil Aviation Authority said in a report released on Wednesday.

The number of passengers traveling in Greek airports in 2016 totaled 53,637,249, up 9.9 pct compared with 48,811,600 passengers in 2015. The number of flights in Greek airports totaled 461,161 last year, of which 189,710 domestic and 271,451 international, an increase of 3.8 pct from 2015 (+1.2 pct domestic and +5.7 pct international).

In December, passenger traffic in Greek airports jumped 14.6 pct to 2,180,053, of which domestic traffic grew 10.5 pct and international traffic rose 19.1 pct. The highest passenger traffic was recorded in the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraclio, Chania and Rhodes.

Passenger traffic in the Athens airport was 1,349,145, in Thessaloniki 422,999, in Heraclio 89,974, in Chania 74,658 and in Rhodes 60,975.

On a 12-month basis, the airports of Heraclio, Corfu and Paros recorded the biggest percentage increase.

Constantinos Lintzerakos, Civil Aviation Authority head, commenting on the figures said the record passenger traffic in 2016 was beneficial to the national economy and expressed his thanks to all staff, cooperating agencies and all those working in the air transport sector for their professionalism.


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