Fraport CEO confident of 14 Greek regional airports’ growth potential

Fraport Greece CEO Alexander Zinell this week expressed confidence in the growth potential of the 14 regional airports around Greece whose management the German-Greek consortium will soon assume.

Τhe German executive referred to “tremendous” potential for both the facilities’ growth as well as the destinations they serve, a handful of whom are the country’s best-known tourism attractions.

Speaking during a briefing roughly a month before the Fraport-led consortium takes over the airports — a landmark privatization in the country — Zinell reiterated that the company has committed to investing at least 330 million euros during the first four years of the concession, on top of an up-front payment of 1.2 billion euros to the Greek state.

Several stakeholders attended and participated in the briefing, including representatives of Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority, state and law enforcement officials, as well as commercial partners.

“With the 14 Greek regional airports, we are launching a new era, in terms of operation and governance, as well as customer service. We want to operate and develop the airports to better serve these destinations and Greece overall, and to grow the airports hand-in-hand with their respective communities and regions …” the Fraport Greece CEO said.


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