Cretan brand awarded as world’s best bottled water

The official award ceremony for the Cretan bottled water brand ‘Zaro’s Natural Water’ – which won a gold medal as the world’s best bottled water for 2017 at the 27th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting – was held in the Cretan city of Iraklio on Wednesday night.

Zaro’s, which is drawn from natural springs on Crete’s Mount Ida or ‘Psiloritis, tied for the 2017 gold medal with AlphaPure Springs Water against a total of 600 entries from all over the world.

“Crete is famous for its natural beauty, the hospitality of its inhabitants and its wonderful food. Now it will be famous for its water as well,” said Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting representative Jill Klein Rone at the ceremony.

Zaro’s chairman Giorgos Stamatakis said it was a “historic moment of vindication and pride for the entire Zaro’s family,” while the company’s general director Christoforos Papadimitrakis dedicated the award to all those that had contributed to its success.

“It is a prize that has many names written on it: the names of Zaro’s residents that nearly 30 years ago literally collected the company’s starting capital, drachma by drachma. The names of the officials in the local authorities that supported the company over the years but also the 60 company employees that do their best to ensure that the water reaches our homes from the spring in Amati intact, containing all its nutritional elements,” he said.

The Berkeley Springs water tasting in West Virginia, United States is one of the oldest and largest water tasting competitions worldwide.


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