Police officer from Crete is missing

Mystery covers the disappearance of the police officer Anthonis Dimotakis.

The traces of the 38 year old Cretan were lost on Tuesday 25 April.

The last person who saw  him was his brother, who had visited him at his house in Kesariani, where he stayed alone.

The next day, he had to show up on his new  service, but he did not show up.

His friends were worried and started searching for him. His cell phone, his keys, his identity card and his wallet were found at the house. The front door, which he used to lock, was closed but unlocked.

His sister Katerina Dimotakis , who was in the Tunnel studio, appealed to anyone who knows anything about his fate, to communicate with the show or the Authorities.

So far, helicopter surveys, EMAK teams and specially trained dogs searched in Ymittos area where he used to go for running, without result. At the same time, the material from security cameras of neighboring houses, which the owners voluntarily gave, was examined, but they did not show anything.

The missing person served for the last fifteen years at the Police department of Order Measures.

His height is 1.84.


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