TripAdvisor: Crete & Santorini in 10 most popular destinations for Brits this summer

Crete & Santorini are among the 10 most popular destinations for Brits this summer, according to TripAdvisor Data.

Ibiza and Bali are the most popular short and long haul destinations for Brits travelling abroad this summer, according to the travel and booking site, TripAdvisor.

Spain boasts five of the top 10 short-haul destinations: Ibiza, Majorca, Barcelona, Benidorm and Gran Canaria, which take first, third, seventh, eighth and tenth place.

On the long-haul list, there are four Asian and three US destinations in the top 10 – Bali, Orlando, Las Vegas, Maldives, New York Bangkok and Phuket take first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth place respectively.

The TripAdvisor Summer Holiday Value report published today has revealed the top 10 long-haul and short-haul destinations for British holiday-goers this summer, based on the greatest increase in seasonal hotel booking interest, along with the average one-week holiday costs for hotels and airfares. The report helps travellers discover savings at popular travel destinations by highlighting the least expensive week to visit.

Short-haul: Gran Canaria offers best bargain

When comparing the average cost of a week’s holiday among the top ten short-haul destinations, across the whole of the summer season, Benidorm offers the best value overall at £1,190. However, when comparing specific travel dates, Gran Canaria actually offers the least expensive week available to book on TripAdvisor this summer.

By avoiding the peak travel period in July and opting instead for a visit to Gran Canaria on 19 June, Brits could save a massive 194% on the cost of a hotel and flights. During the week of 29th May, UK travellers heading to Ibiza could save 136% compared to peak prices, and those jetting off to Ibiza at the beginning of June could save 49%.

Long-haul: Biggest savings found in Dubai

When looking at the top ten long-haul destinations, Bangkok is the cheapest overall, both for the average cost of a week’s holiday (£1,144) and when considering individual dates over the summer (£973 if travelling at the end of May). However, if evaluating where travellers can save the most this summer by avoiding peak travel dates, it is actually Dubai and the Maldives that offer the best savings for Brits who choose their dates wisely.

While these destinations are among the most expensive overall, when travelling to Dubai on 12th June UK holidaymakers can save a staggering 177% compared to prices in July and in the case of the Maldives, a saving of 134% could be made if travelling on 5th June instead of during the peak dates of 19th – 25th June, making these resorts significantly more affordable.

“This report demonstrates that travellers who choose their travel dates carefully when planning a trip abroad this summer stand a chance of picking up some major savings when they are ready to book the right hotel for their travel needs. If you are considering a holiday in Gran Canaria during the week of 19th June for example, you can book it on TripAdvisor for a whopping £375 less than the average week’s cost over the rest of the summer – that’s more than the cost of a flight to Malta!” advised Hayley Coleman, TripAdvisor spokesperson.

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