Some thoughts from a tourist for Heraklion Airport

“However the bad experience we had when we got inside the airport terminal makes us rethink our impressions of Crete.

Last year was appalling but we hoped that was just a one off experience and tried to turn a blind eye to the appalling situation we and our fellow travellers were forced to put up with.

This time was even worse:-

Huge uncontrolled queues and poor signage and an even worse public address system which was barely audible with little or no airport staff around to offer help or guidance. Those who were seemed unwilling to get involved or to help explain the situation.

Very poor, unclean and crowded seating and drinks/eating areas with horribly insufficient toilet facilities.

A duty free area which was grossly overpriced compared to normal shopping here in the UK.

And I could go on much longer on what is wrong with Heraklion airport.

Unless something drastic is done to improve the situation we and many others will not even think about returning to Crete.

Seriously Eddie I feel sure your business relies quite heavily on tourism and the Heraklion Airport situation is about to have a serious effect on what happens to Crete as a holiday destination.

You really should have words with the authorities responsible for the airport.”

David Moray Munro

5 Replies to “Some thoughts from a tourist for Heraklion Airport”

  1. I travel frequently to heraklion and never have a problem. …it’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to UK airports.

  2. Dearie me – so you base your holiday on an airport and it loos. How very sad, Crete is a beautiful Island and the hospitality is not able to be beaten, nor the ambiance or the beautiful views and lifestyle. You say that many will not come back because of the airport, I wonder why you think that as I for one never base a holiday on a loo, nor do I on large queues. It is part and parcel of getting cheap travel.

  3. We have been holidaying in Crete every year for the last 30 years and the airport has improved every year the staff are very friendly and really helpfully my husband needs assistance and is always treated with island shouldn’t be judged by its airport.and Crete and her people are magical.x

  4. How safe is yours! Step outside the Airport unwind and find the beauty of Crete and its people most always cme back and some dont go back to ther country because they feel home

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