A female stray dog needs our help!

Our fears came true, unfortunately. This beautiful creature is still alive only because of her strong will for life. All the examinations say that her life is threatened. She is infected with leishmaniasis, which has caused a problem in her kidneys and liver and has a hematocrit of 21-very low. Right now she is at the vet’s under special care with serum . We hope that she will make it but the treatment is very expensive- more than 500euros and we can’t afford it on our own. We’ll be grateful to all those who can help .

Our bank account is: 6635140758571
IBAN GR95 0171 6350 0066 3514 0758 571
Thank you all for your mindful help.

This female stray doggy has been suspected for suffering from Leishmaniasis. She’s only 23 kilos…has difficulty walking, eats very little- and only a special tinned food to help her. This afternoon we’ll have the results of blood, biochemical and leishmaniasis tests. In addition she’s pregnant and without medication there is no way she can make it.We hope she will. The municipality of Platanias has had no contract with any local veterinarian for months now and all the expenses of stray dog feeding, medical care, emergencies etc, fall on us.
We’d be more than thankful to those who wish to help in any way.
If you wish to donate money you can use the following bank account in Piraeus bank

Bank account: 6635140758571
IBAN GR95 0171 6350 0066 3514 0758 571

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