Cretan priest steals the show in dancing event (video)

Proto Thema – He might be robed in the attire of God, but once a Cretan always a Cretan. A video of a Greek Orthodox priest from the Didymoteicho Metropolis in the north of Greece showing off his incredible dancing skills has attracted the praise of all.

Father Nikolas Karpathakis attended the end of season annual celebrations of the music and dance group “Orpheas” and once the group started playing the traditional Cretan Pentozali, he could not help himself and sprung to his feet joining the dance group showing everyone how it is done.

Needless to say the man of God stole the show, with those present clapping and egging him on for his dancing tricks and passion. Greek MP of Evros Dimoschakis Anastasios, as well as local politicians and mayors from surrounding municipalities were in attendance.

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