Creta Maris and ‘Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches’ Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Creta Maris resort on Crete recently signed a cooperation agreement with Costa Nostrum to certify its “Kastri” beach as a sustainable Costa Nostrum beach – Sustainable Beaches.

Costa Nostrum is a certification standard for sustainable management and development of the beaches of the Mediterranean.

“In the context of the resort’s sustainable operation and aiming to improve the quality of tourism, protect the environment, increase the satisfaction of tourists and promote the principles of sustainability, Creta Maris Beach Resort decided to begin the necessary process for the certification of the beach of Kastri / Creta Maris as a sustainable beach of Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches,” an announcement by the resort said.

The new cooperation was sealed by the signing of a cooperation agreement by Andreas Metaxas, CEO of Creta Maris Beach Resort and Vasilis Zisimopoulos, CEO and Founder of Costa Nostrum Ltd.

Both sides said they were optimistic about the new cooperation, which is expected to offer the best possible environmental upgrade and further promotion of the coastal ecosystem.

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