Missing policeman from Chania found dead in Athens

(from Aggeliki Nikolouli’s “Fos Sto Tunnel” TV show)

According to information from a police source, the weapon which was found next to the man’s body in Kyra Eleni of Kesariani, Athens was identified.

It belongs to the 38-year-old police officer, Antonis Dimotakis, who had disappeared on April 25th at Kesariani area, where he was living alone.

Relatives allegedly recognized the clothes, despite the fact that they were distorted.

A DNA sample was obtained from the unlucky police officer’s mother for complete confirmation of his identity.

What the coroner says

From the autopsy that the coroner has done, the following result was excluded: A large exit trauma to the upper part of the head was found, which justifies an upward contact from the mouth.

On Monday, there will be an autopsy which will give further answers to any questions.

The investigation was focused -from the beginning- on the forest area of Imittos mountain where the police officer used to practice.

The secret of the disappearance of the unfortunate Antonis Dimotakis was finally revealed in Imittos.

The place where he was found, was only accessible to climbers, one of whom found him about three months later.

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