Care of the vineyard and Wine tasting at Creta Maris Beach Resort

On Wednesday July 12th, a dual action on the Cretan Vineyard was held in Creta Maris Beach Resort, in the context of its participation in “TUI Care Foundation, FUTOURIS Project: Crete, First steps towards a sustainable food destination 2017-2019”. The resort’s guests were introduced to the Creta Maris’ Vineyard, performed all the necessary seasonal works and then learned about the special characteristics of the Cretan wines during the Wine Tasting event that was held later.

The action began at the resort’s vineyard, where the guests were informed about the proper care of the vineyard that is cultivated on the basis of the requirements of EU Regulation 834/07 (on organic farming) and includes 13 indigenous varieties. During this action, the guests were informed about the art of cultivation through the personal experiences and memories of a hotel staff member.

Lately, the guests had the chance to participate in a wine tasting of the indigenous varieties of the island that are maintained by producers participating in the Futouris Project. During the wine tasting, the Creta Maris’ staff created a friendly atmosphere, and the participants had the chance to discover the secrets of the production of the Cretan Wine and to smell its fragrances and feel its multifaceted taste.

The aim of this double action was to introduce one of the most ancient Cretan rural work to the guests, while also to inform them about the initiatives of developing sustainable nutrition structures in Crete.

The participation of the guests was noteworthy, giving them a valuable experience of the Cretan lifestyle, culture and traditions.

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