Crete hoteliers propose 10 euro entry ticket for famous beaches

Hoteliers in the prefecture of Chania, Crete in Greece are proposing a 10 euro entry fee for the world-renowned beaches of Balos and Elafonisi, according to the following article by

The proposal which has been submitted to the relevant local authorities in charge of the beaches says that the imposition of a fee is necessary for the protection of the environment.

“These beaches are at risk from the uncontrolled flow of people,” the proposal by the Association of Hoteliers of Chania notes.

It adds that the 10 euro ticket would discourage overcrowding and enhance the experience for those who would be prepared to pay.

The proposals include a 12-hour ticket office operating at the perimeters of the two beaches, as well as a complete ban to caravans and free camping.

“It is our responsibility to protect these areas as they are a center of attraction for thousands of visitors and can be a reference point for the tourist development of all Crete,” the hoteliers stress.

Correspondents add that it is a radical proposal that would perhaps anger the local population which is enjoying beaches of extraordinary beauty free of charge.

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