Beer Festival at Zounaki, Platanias

The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer (Egyptian proverb, 2000 b.C.)

The Cretan Brewery and the Cultural Association of Zounaki  in collaboration, along with the experimental archaeologist Mariana Kavroulaki, are organizing a tasting workshop, focused on the ancient Egyptian – Sumerian beer and the Ottoman boza.

Date: Wednesday, August 30.

Location: Cretan Brewery’s facilities.

You are all welcome to learn and taste the fine drink of Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and the favorite fermented beverage of Turkey and the Balkans.

A live concert will follow at 9 p.m., with Manos Malaxianakis, Ch. & G. Pandermakis and their bands.

Charma beer will be fully served to all our friends, accompanied by BBQ “mezedes”.

Charma, the 1st beer of Chania.

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