“Sykopitarides” making at Creta Maris Beach Resort

On Saturday, August 26th, as a certified member of “We do local”, Creta Maris Beach Resort organized another quality local action with substance, by presenting to its guests one of the most traditional Cretan recipes of the summer, the “Sykitapitarides” making. The action took place on the premises of the hotel, where visitors and staff members learned how to perform the recipe.

Guests and employees gathered in the resort’s gardens, where they collected the right figs and then brought them to the resort’s organic field, where performed the renowned recipe of one of the most traditional Cretan snack under the wise guidance of Mrs. Theano Metaxa. As she explained: ““Sykopitarides” of Crete are small flattened balls of compressed dried figs. People used to make them in the past. Today, there are … some people who insist to preserve the tradition and they still make them. The process is time consuming, but enjoyable and easy.

This action of Creta Maris fulfilled the need of the guests to get to know the rich Cretan gastronomic tradition and try a dessert that offered them an authentic experience of the visiting place, the locals, and the raw materials they produce.

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